Return/Refund Policy

Termination Policy
A. Parent
If you decide to take your child out of the program for whatever reason, a 30 day written notice is required. You are responsible to pay your regular rate as specified in your contract whether or not you continue to bring your child in for the remaining 30 days.

B. Provider
If the center decides it is best for your child not to attend Little Tykes Middleboro, I will give the parent/guardian two weeks written notice.

A child may be discharged from our program for the following reasons. (All attempts are made to have the child stay with us)
1. Failure of parent/guardian to pay tuition.
2. Failure to complete required forms
3. Lack of parental cooperation
4. Continuous inappropriate behavior


Infant ( 0 months to 15 months )

Full-Day $285.00 per. week
First days care $80.00, second days care $70, third and fourth days care $60 each day

Toddler (15 months to 33 months)

Full-Day $60.00 per. Day / $260.00 per. week

Preschool (2.9 years to 5 years)

Full- Day $55.00 per. Day / $235.00 per. week

School Age

$100.00 per. Week $22.00 Daily (Before & after school hrs.)

For the care of your children. This fee is due each Friday for the upcoming weeks care. A $10.00 a day late fee will be charged if your payment is not on time.
I understand this is a guaranteed rate and includes full pay for holidays, with no credit for absent or sick days. The enrollment fee must be Paid in advance to hold a spot at Little Tykes Middleboro.

Fees will be billed according to page 10 of the individuals signed Enrollment Papers, days and hours listed will be billed.’

I, a parent of Little Tykes Middleboro understand that the center has twelve paid holidays which if the holiday should fall on a Saturday or Sunday the center will be closed either on the Friday or following Monday, and I am responsible for a full weeks tuition.

  1. Labor Day Columbus Day
  2. Christmas
  3. November 24th & 25th
  4. New Years
  5. M.L. King
  6. Presidents Day
  7. Memorial Day
  8. July 4th-Independence Day
  9. Veterans Day
  10. Patriots Day
  11. Columbus Day

Seperation policy:
I understand that I am required to give a 30 day written notice to Little Tykes Middleboro and that I am required to pay my regular rate as specified whether or not I continue to bring my child for the remaining 30 days of my contract.